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Ask about our four season pest control program for our residential customers. It is by far the best value for your dollar. It includes four scheduled pest applications per year, if insect infestations should occur in areas previously treated we will return at no additional charge to retreat the areas of need.

FYI: Termite & Pest Control-
By Russ Stribling

With the beauty of spring just around the corner, comes the unwanted guests that invade our homes, structures, and landscaping, and can pose health and sanitation issues.


Last year’s heavy rains are now netting Southern California some of the heaviest rodent infestations we’ve seen in recent years. Rats and mice enter structures at areas where trees and utility wires are contacting buildings, as well as gaps beneath utility closet and garage doors. As a preventative measure one should ensure that buildings are properly maintained, such as trimming trees and shrubs away from structures as well as sealing around pipes and at door thresholds. Implement a rodent control program that is monitored on a regular basis. Tamper-proof bait stations should be installed at critical areas such as foundations of buildings, trash enclosures and landscaped areas where vacant gopher and ground squirrel burrows may be present. The severity of rodent activity in the immediate area will dictate the number of bait stations needed for adequate control. This can best be determined by your pest control professional.


Ant control and management has never been more successful due to newer generation pesticides and baits available to pest control professionals. Products containing the active ingredient “Fipronil” are netting the most success in the battle with Argentine Ants. Applications are made at the perimeter of structures at ground surface where ants generally travel. Ants do not recognize this material as a threat and will continue to forage on and return to their nest where it is spread among the rest of the colony, thereby resulting in more complete control of the infestation. Another advantage to newer generation pesticides is that most pest control professionals have reduced the need to provide services with truck mounted power sprayers and large quantities of pesticides with back pack sprayers and other hand application equipment. The advantage is better control, less odor and more importantly smaller quantities of pesticides to reduce the likelihood of exposure to people and domestic animals.


Spring time is swarm time: It is most alarming to come downstairs on a beautiful sunny morning and find what appear to be 10,000 insects at your kitchen window, all over your sink and counters, and you don’t have a clue where they came from. This is where your pest control professional is your knight in shining armor. A licensed termite inspector is trained to inspect and identify wood destroying insects and organisms. The inspector will be able to determine where the problem is and prescribe the appropriate treatment for the specific termite. Once again, products containing the active ingredient Fipronil are netting excellent results in subterranean termite control due to the fact that “Fipronil” is eliminating the colony where it nests.

A proactive approach in pest management includes an annual inspection. Always seek the services and advice of a licensed pest control professional to implement a responsible pest control program for your property.


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